Laser and Take Home Whitening


We offer two types of whitening treatments and both have a similar end result. Laser Whitening will get your teeth white much more quickly, while the Take Home Whitening gives you a more gradual result and more control over your final shade. To help you decide, one of our clinicians will be happy to see you for a free consultation to determine what type of whitening will work best for you.

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Laser Whitening  $650

Laser Whitening involves an office visit of about 90 minutes followed by 2-4 at-home treatments with trays and gel. You can expect your teeth to be at their whitest within 3 days of the initial treatment. The package includes:

• In-office laser treatment
• Custom fit whitening trays
• Desensitizing solution
• Full instructions on how to use it all


Take Home Whitening $400

Take Home Whitening involves wearing custom fit whitening trays filled with whitening gel for 30 minutes twice each day. You can expect your teeth reach maximum whitening in 2-3 weeks. The take-home package includes:

• Custom fit whitening trays
• 6 syringes of whitening solution
• Full instructions