Gail CDA, Treatment Coordinator - Treatment Coordinator

Gail  CDA, Treatment Coordinator - Treatment Coordinator

A graduate of Malaspina College (now VIU) CDA program in 1992, and the Business Administration Assistant program at North Island College in 2014 Gail has a vast range of experience in both the clinic and in the business office. She can be found working in the clinic, in the back office, and at the front desk doing everything from IT maintenance to treatment consultation to assisting with your treatment. Gail has completed a multitude of clinical and practice management seminars over the past few decades including The Las Vegas Institute, The Laser Institute of Dentistry, Invisalign and D4D University. Her ability to understand the intricacies of dentistry and to translate it into English for her patients has led her to her official position as treatment coordinator. Gail will gladly help you understand your treatment, your options and the finances involved so that you can make informed decisions about your dental health.