Frequently Asked Questions

Orthodontic Emergencies
The best thing you can do to keep your orthodontic treatment as short as possible is to avoid ortho emergencies. Avoiding sticky, hard foods and ensuring before you leave each appointment that no wires or brackets are poking you are key.

An office visit might NOT be required if:
• Wire/bracket irritation can be covered with wax and see if the irritated area heals. If it doesn’t, call the office for an appointment.
• Discomfort from ortho movement is normal for up to 5 days after braces are placed and even after a wire change. You can take Tylenol or Advil if the discomfort is severe. Keep your diet soft and easy to chew, too.
• Separators that come out MAY need to be replaced depending on the circumstances. If you lose a separator, call the office and let us know which one it is so we can tell you if you need an appointment.

Definitely make an appointment if:
• You have an accident involving your teeth and braces that loosens teeth, bands or brackets
• You can’t resolve your wire or bracket irritation with wax
• A bracket or band comes loose or “unglued” from your tooth.
• You lose or break your retainer – your teeth will start moving within days of losing the appliance so be sure to call right away.

Dr. Seebach offers both oral sedation and nitrous oxide for your dental visits.

Dr. Seebach will carefully review your medical and dental histories with you in order to determine which type of sedation is right for you.

While we obviously cannot warranty your body parts, Beyond Beautiful Smiles promises to look after all “major” restorations such as crowns, bridges, veneers and implants against breakage due to defect. In some cases fees will be credited toward replacement or alternate treatment to remedy the situation provided that you see us for your recommended cleanings and checkups for the duration of the 5 years. This allows us to monitor for minor damage and ensure that the restorations are functioning within your bite.  Our dental labs provide 2 year warranty for their restorations so some lab fees may apply after 2 years.

**This is void if regular prevention appointments are not maintained

Often hygiene visits are put aside as “just a cleaning” when in truth, they are the most important and cost effective way to save your teeth and keep your mouth healthy. Most adults have some degree of periodontal (gum) disease – a condition that is preventable by home care and regular hygiene visits but currently incurable. Gum disease is painless and therefore goes undetected until your teeth become loose or start to fall out.

Ongoing research suggests that periodontal disease may be linked to heart disease, osteoporosis, osteopenia, high stress, or diabetes. The bacteria associated with periodontal disease can travel into the blood stream and pose a threat to other parts of the body. Healthy gums lead to a healthier body.

Fillings are direct restorations that are placed right into the the tooth where the dentist has made preparations (removed old filling, decay, cracks). We use plastic composites for our direct fillings and they are sufficient for smaller cavities where more than 50% of the natural tooth is still in tact.

Onlays are indirect restorations are designed to fit into the preparation that the dentist has made in the tooth by a dental lab. An impression or scans of the tooth are taken so that an restoration can be made – these are made of a much stronger material and therefore are a lot more resilient than direct restorations when more than 50% of the natural tooth is lost.

Every insurance policy has its own set of rules which are usually outlined for you in a booklet that your employer supplies when you become eligible benefits. The treatment coordinators at Beyond Beautiful Smiles will gladly help you decipher your insurance benefits, all you need to do is bring your booklet and dental plan card along. Estimates are given for all treatment and pre-authorizations (or estimates to your dental plan to get confirmation of what will be covered) are sent. Dental plans that do not send the response to the dental office are: Sunlife, Manulife, Greenshield, RWAM, and others. If you have insurance with any of those providers then you will need to forward the pre-authorizations to your dental office in order to get an accurate estimate.

Assignment of benefits (accepting the payment for your treatment from your dental plan) is a service that dental offices offer as a favour to patients.

You are ultimately responsible for payment of all dental treatment that you have so the more information you provide to us, the less chance there will be of any surprises.

Yes, the BC Dental fee guide is a guideline that is decided upon and updated yearly by the BC Dental Association. At Beyond Beautiful Smiles the doctors have chosen  to follow this fee guide for all dental procedures.