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Dr. Teng has taken post-graduate training for orthodontics.  He is certified by “FORCE” which is the Faculté for Orthodontic Research and Continuing Education and by Progressive Orthodontic Seminars, a training center dedicated to ensuring that general dentists can provide excellent, conventional orthodontic treatment.

This means we can now provide in-office braces for both children and adults. This is advantageous for several reasons:

  • We have evening and weekend appointments available
  • We accept assignment of dental benefits
  • We can monitor for decay at every ortho visit

Well, it was a long and challenging 7 days straight of 9 hour classes for the UBC Dental Assisting Orthodontic Module but we made it.   We got to have a little fun in the evening too… now we wait for our exam results!

Good question!

Dental insurance is more similar to home or auto insurance than it is to your medical coverage.

You are covered for what you or your employer has purchased in the policy and this can vary, even within the same company.

Our treatment coordinators are here to help you.   Make an appointment to see Gail or Cherie and bring your booklet or plan login so we can help you to understand your coverage.


Did you know that the stone-faced farmer in Grant Wood’s famous “American Gothic” painting was actually the artist’s dentist?

Wood used his sister and his dentist as models for a farmer and his daughter, dressing them as if they were “tintypes from my old family album.”

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